Sutra Amitabha

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Italian audiobook version of Shorter Amitabha Sutra, read by Massimo Claus.

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The Amitabha Sutra (also known as Shorter Amitabha Sutra) is part of the Pure Land Buddhism canon.

This sutra is a discourse that Buddha Shakayamuni gave to his disciple Shariputra, in the monastery of Jetavana. Describes Sukhavati, the Pure Land of the Amitabha Buddha, its wonders and characteristics of the righteous disciples who are born there.

This sutra is very influential in East Asian Buddhism, including China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam and is revered by the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist school, one of Japan’s largest Buddhist congregations.

The text was translated from Sanskrit into Classical Chinese by the master in Tripitaka Kumarajiva in 402, but it may have existed in India as early as the year 100.

This sutra belongs to the canon of Pure Land Buddhism, along with the extended Sutra of Amitabha Buddha and the Contemplation Sutra.

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