The word “Metta” has many meanings including loving-kindness, benevolence, harmony, not violence.

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Massimo Claus


The word “metta” has many meanings such as loving kindness, benevolence, harmony, not violence.

With this attitude of not being offensive, we try to develop an open mind to the problems of those around us, bringing with us love and going beyond any social barrier, religious, racial, political or economic, without wanting anything in return.

Important here is to remember the Metta-Sutta. It is said that some monks came from the Buddha, complaining that their meditation practice was annoyed by some spirits. The Buddha then taught them how to get rid of all obstacles that you can meet along the Practice of Meditation. From this conversation originated the Metta-Sutta, which is recited in Buddhist nations as protection against the spirits.

Today, “Metta” has become almost a necessity of human beings: in a world controlled by all kinds of destruction, this kind of loving attitude is the only way to bring peace, serenity and understanding.


Metta (15.34)
Bodhisattva (12.39)
Gaia (13.47)
Dream (8.11)



The track “Dream” was used a backgroud music in the video “Introduzione al Taoismo”