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Songs that have the function of “tune” the listener according to the principle of “resonance”.

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Massimo Claus


As we know everything in the universe is energy vibrating. This vibratory rhythm in scientific jargon is called “resonance”. Every organ, tissue or bone in our body vibrates at a specific natural vibration and the lack of balance of this vibration causes a disease. The combination of these frequencies makes up an harmony defined “vibrational signature”: it’s our personal “sound”. This sound surrounds the whole human body, creating a phenomenon called “Aura”. The music we usually listen to is produced by musical instruments tuned up at a fixed frequency, called Diapason, which vibrates at 440 Hz (440 cycles per second) and that it does correspond to the note A. Unfortunately this frequency has not been reached by scientific calculations, but rather for far more convenient reasons: to make sure that military bands had more impact, that they sounded louder, the natural vibrational equilibrium has been altered, raising the frequency of the Pitch from 432 Hz – called “Scientific Pitch” – to 440Hz – called “Disharmonious Pitch”. This pitch was later accepted by convention in London in 1939. This frequency, on which today all the music is tuned, contrasts with the physical laws that rule the universe. The music, produced by instruments tuned up on this Pitch, creates harmonic lacks of balance in our body and in our psyche. This phenomenon is the basis of many psychosomatic disorders.

The musics contained in the publication “Meditation 432 Hz” has the aim is to “tune” the listener according to the “resonance” principle described.


432Hz – part 1

432Hz – part 2

432Hz – part 3