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Le Parabole del Sutra del Loto EBOOK + audiobook (Italian).

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Product Description

This offer package is dedicated to the parables of the Lotus Sutra. To understand the essence of this sutra one must understand the numerous parables present in the narration.

The parable is a skillful means, or stratagem, to help people better understand difficult concepts or teachings. The profound teachings of the Lotus Sutra are crystallized in his parables. Understanding the many parables, therefore, means having the whole text in your hand.

So we have devised this package offered to give everyone the opportunity to deepen the meaning of all the parables of the Lotus Sutra: reading and rereading (or listening and re-listening) each parabolaad suddenly you realize that, as if by magic, his meaning will open before the eyes.

The pack includes the following publications:


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