Il richiamo infinito ebook

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Un linguaggio chiaro e moderno, per comprendere la visione della vita del Buddhismo Shin.

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John Paraskevopoulos

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Few books like this provide the reader with concrete answers to the profound questions that each of us carries in our hearts. The concept of infinity in Buddhism, little known in the West, is presented here under the light of the Amitabha Buddha. The Pure Land school or Shin Buddhism (“of the faith”) is the most followed school in the world. Millions of people gathered by the chant Namu Amida Butsu in every corner of the planet, live their deep Buddhist faith in every juncture of their lives. The author, with a clear, very modern language, guides the reader towards understanding this wonderful vision of life represented by Shin Buddhism.


John Paraskevopoulos is an executive officer with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs in Canberra. He studied philosophy at the University of Melbourne before receiving ordination in the Pure Land tradition of Mahayana Buddhism in Kyoto in 1994. He is the author of several articles on Shin Buddhism and a contributor to Sacred Web.


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