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The prayers of the daily practice of school Jodo Shinshu.

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Massimo Claus


The Jodo Shinshu, also known as Shin Buddhism, is a school that is part of theBuddhism of the Pure Land, founded by the former Tendai monk Shinran. It is considered to be the branch of Buddhism more widespread in Japan,with about 20% of the Japanese population that is a member of this school.

This publication is dedicated to the daily service of this school, and includes the prayers performed by the faithful daily, in the two classic formats that characterize these educational publications in the catalog of Myo Edizioni, a slower version and one at the normal rate to facilitate the learning of the pronunciation of the prayers.

In addition to this, there are in the publication also three tracks of Nembutsu, the “meditative” practice of the schools of the Pure Land.


01 – Amida Kyo [20:20] 02 – Amida Kyo – Slow [24:51] 03 – Junirai [6:43] 04 – Juseige [4:01] 05 – Juseige – Slow [4:37] 06 – Sanbutsuge [5:22] 07 – Sanbutsuge – Slow [6:36] 08 – Nembutsu I [7:19] 09 – Nembutsu II [6:11] 10 – Nenbutsu III [6:18]

Amida Kyo

Juseige – slow


Nembutsu I

Sambutsuge Slow